EMILY ADAMSON PHOTOGRAPHY » Emily Adamson is a wedding photographer based in Queenstown. Named Classic Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 by New Zealand Institute Professional Photography.

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I have been making quite a lot trips between Queenstown and Tekapo for Tekapo weddings this year. There are hundreds and hundreds of small rock towers called Cairns on the edge of Lake Tekapo. They are a touchy subject with local Tekapoens who have a gang who go and knock them down with rakes whenever they can. They are actually quite hard to build. These images are from the drive into the Clay Cliffs, Aoraki and The Church of the Good Shepard next to Lake Tekapo which I heard is the fifth most photographed church in the world.clay cliffs new zealandgirl in grass new zealandlake pukaki new zealand

Stepping out of the station into Hong Kong was one of the most mind blowing experiences I have had. Hong Kong just hits you in the face and can not be ignored. It is crazy and calm, old and new, dirty and clean, early and late. The smell which is a mixture of chemicals and shrimps stings your nose and eyes and there is so much to see everywhere that it is just overload. I loved it.

Regardless of what Colin Farrell’s character says in the hilarious movie ‘In Bruges’, being in Bruges IS like being in a fairytale! I would have taken a lot more photos here, I loved it so much. However I consumed so many strong Belgian beers and chocolates  that I gave myself a migraine and couldn’t even see… it is all a beautiful haze.