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Over the last 8 weeks, Dan Childs and I volunteered to set up an after school program with Youth Booth, and teach The basics of Photography to a great group of year 12’s from Wakatipu High. Amongst the technical and the creative, the part of the course that I enjoyed most was the portrait class.

Thank you Isador, Annabelle, Maddy, Fiona, Monique, Jess, Nova, Holly, Charlie, Phillippe, Felix & Fi for agreeing to be subjects as well as students.You have surprised & exceeded my expectations in so many ways through the photographs that you have been taking during this course, as well as trusting me with your portraits and revealing a little of who you are and what is in your hearts.

  • JK Blackwell - You rock Emily – so amazing what you are doing here! Would love to see the work produced by these kids here 🙂 x

  • Dan Childs - I really enjoyed looking back at your images Emily. Captured beautifully.
    Can we do it all again??

  • Dan O'Day - amazing, Emily.. great portraits amazing achievement xo

  • Tracy - Such a wonderful “giving back” project. You have opened the door of the bigger world that bit more more for these kids.

  • Myekie - Wow great work Emily. Makes wanna get off my backside and help.

  • Justin - Great stuff Emily. So many smiling faces and wonderful portraits.

  • Jim - Great work Ems! Awesome group of future competition there!

  • Steffo - Em, these are great. SOP proud that you have influenced these young peoples lives, I am sure they have gained insight to your wonderful creativity. Great portraits.

  • Kate - Such a beautiful shoot. Location is stunning. Couple are gorgeous.

  • Justin - beautiful location and super cool couple.

  • Anonymous - All pictures are beautiful. Love them all!!!!

  • gemma higgins-sears - gorgeous work Emily!! I too adore that last image! such a beautiful landscape!

  • Stewart Ross - Beautiful work Emily!

  • Julianna - Love 180 degrees point of view!

  • Sinead Jenkins - Beautiful!! I love this set. Really gorgeous. x

  • Tracy - Love the last pic!! What a view!