bride stepping out of wedding car helped by her bridesmaids with dress held high

Some Favourite Moments

There is so much to weddings. A one time gathering of people all bought together by love and a commitment. It’s a time that I still can’t believe I get to witness again and again. I get to be there when it’s just the bride and her mum getting ready before the ceremony. I get to be there when the couple spend their first moments alone away from the crowd. It is so incredibly special and I feel such a closeness to people through it.

These are just some of my favourite moments from the beautiful weddings I have shot across New Zealand and Australia. Lots of them are in Queenstown and Wānaka where I do the most of my work. They are mostly unscripted and candid, filled with emotion. It is my aim to capture how it felt to be there so that when you look at the images you get taken back to that day or even can imagine it if you weren’t there!