EMILY ADAMSON PHOTOGRAPHY » Queenstown Wedding photographer. Awarded New Zealand Classic Wedding Photographer of the year 2017 NZIPP!

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The best things about being a Wedding Photographer is knowing how meaningful the images will be to you & your family & how much fun wedding days are! I’m driven by emotion & humour & I document it in a candid way. 

So what does having me as your photographer mean for you? 

You will feel comfortable with me & you will have guests asking if I am a family friend. You will have my support, guidance & help. I’ll wrangle the family for you, make witty banter, have a bubbles with you, capture the small details & the big moments & even help get the dance floor started if needed to help you celebrate!

My approach will suit you if you want the emphasis on the experience, the people, real feelings, joy & love, without contriving or setting up anything fake or cheesy. The best bits are often spontaneous, in the in between & unguarded moments.  I do take the all important portraits & family groups too though, I actually love them, realise how important they are & pay extra attention to detail with them.

If that sounds like you, I’d love for you to look around & send me a message about you & your person!

Excited to announce that I was named NZIPP (New Zealand Institute Professional Photography) Classic Wedding Photographer of 2017!

The NZIPP Iris Awards is New Zealand’s biggest awards and print competition for professional photography. The best thing for me is that these images are exactly what I love to shoot, in a photojournalistic style, at real peoples weddings.

BIG HUGE thank you’s to all my couples, who trusted me to document the real moments as they unfold. Being able to share these experiences with you and your families and preserve them is the reason wedding photography is so rewarding to me.

Thanks NZIPP! Here are the awarded images in Wedding Classic Category Iris Awards 2017.

Silver Award – Wedding ClassicSilver Award – Wedding Classic
Silver Award – Wedding Classic
Bronze Award – Wedding Classic

Hahei is a place that Nate spent a lot of his childhood, but now it has even more memories for this lovely couple and their families. We dodged torrential downpours all day, until the ceremony concluded and everyone was quite dramatically caught in it. Nate and Gemma couldn’t even sign the paperwork for four hours until it dried out! After being soaked, and I mean soaked.. everyone was heartily laughing about what an experience and great story it would make. One again, I am really glad that I always travel with my raincoat, but would like to invent some sort of hands free hover umbrella. Congratulations guys, it was a wonderful day to capture. x